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CIMPLE 2.0.24 Released Maintenance Release

31 May 2011

CIMPLE 2.0.24 released. Provide more information to user on logging and configuration.

CIMPLE 2.0.22 Released Maintenance Release

31 May 2011

CIMPLE 2.0.22 released. Provide more information to user on logging and configuration.

CIMPLE 2.0.20 Released Maintenance Release

21 May 2011

CIMPLE 2.0.20 released. Corrects error in 2.0.18 that was causing compile problems with windows.

CIMPLE 2.0.18 Released Maintenance Release

18 May 2011

CIMPLE 2.0.18 released. This minor version extends logging to be more useful in production providers by allowing limits to be set on log size and providing more compile and runtime parameters to control logging. It also provides the first step in debug tools to help diagnosing issues with the adapters. Finally it adds APIs to allow provider direct control over configuration parameters. There were several bugs also fixed in the provider adapters. Please use 2.0.20 rather than 2.0.18

CIMPLE 2.0.16 Released Maintenance Release

December 8 2010

CIMPLE 2.0.16 released. This minor version fixes some reported bugs in the CMPI Adapter adapter and the Pegasus adapter, extends tests and confirms that CIMPLE works with Windows 64 bit compilers. . It also includes an update to the Using CIMPLE manual.

CIMPLE 2.0.14 Released Maintenance Release

October 6, 2009

CIMPLE 2.0.14 released. This minorversion fixes some reported bugs in the Pegasus Adapter adapter, extends tests, and add a new function to condition variables. It also includes an update to the Using CIMPLE manual.

CIMPLE 2.0.12 Released Maintenance Release

July 24, 2009

CIMPLE 2.0.12 released. This version fixes some reported bugs in cmpi adapter, extends tests, and modifies the mechanism for finding the .cimplerc config file and location for the logs.

CIMPLE 2.0.8 Released Maintenance Release

March 26, 2009

CIMPLE 2.0.8 released. This version fixes some reported bugs in cmpi adapter and wmi provider loading.To download CIMPLE 2.0.6, see the downloads page.

CIMPLE 2.0.6 Released Maintenance Release

March 10, 2009

CIMPLE 2.0.6 is released. This version fixes various bugs including a memory leak. It also provides some new functionality with a function to get user names for operations and a scheduler for timed provider functions. To download CIMPLE 2.0.6, see the downloads page.

CIMPLE 2.0.0 Released with WMI Support

November 4, 2008

CIMPLE 2.0.0 is released and now includes a WMI adapter, allowing CIMPLE providers to operate transparently under the WMI server. This version also fixes various bugs. To download CIMPLE 2.0.0, see the downloads page. To learn more about the WMI adapter, read Using the WMI Adapter for CIMPLE.

CIMPLE Project Renamed to SimpleWBEM

June 7, 2008

Please read carefully.

The CIMPLE project was renamed to SimpleWBEM. The interfaces and license remain unchanged but future distributions will be referred to by the new name.

CIMPLE 1.2.0 Released

January 15, 2008

CIMPLE 1.2.0 is released and includes the BREVITY client introduced at the 2007 Management Development Conference.

Download CIMPLE 1.2.0 with the included BREVITY client.

Learn more about BREVITY from the 2007 MDC presentation.

CIMPLE 1.0.0 and CIMPLE Book Released

May 4, 2007

CIMPLE 1.0.0 and the new "Using CIMPLE" book are now available. Click here to go to the downloads page. Click on the icon below to download the new book.

Version 0.99.40 Released

November 14, 2006

CIMPLE version 0.99.40 is now available. See downloads page to download.

CIMPLE Announces Public CVS Repository

November 14, 2006

Ongoing CIMPLE work can now be accessed with CVS. Just use the following CVS root, with the password "anonymous".

A Portable Threads Library for CIMPLE

August 17, 2006

CIMPLE provides a portable threads library for provider developers. This includes:
  • Thread create, exit, and join (see <cimple/Threads.h>)
  • Mutexes (see <cimple/Mutex.h>)
  • Condition variables (see <cimple/Cond.h>)
  • Atomic counters (see <cimple/Atomic_Counter.h>)
  • Thread-specific storage (see <cimple/TSD.h>)

New Adapter for the Pegasus C++ Interface

April 4, 2006

CIMPLE now provides an adapter for the Pegasus C++ Interface, enabling CIMPLE providers to run under any standard Pegasus server. It is no longer necessary to patch Pegasus in order to load CIMPLE providers. The adapter makes CIMPLE providers look and act like Pegasus providers.

CIMPLE Supports Configure

March 1, 2006

The CIMPLE build system was recently reworked to use the familiar configure script. Now it is easier to build CIMPLE than before just by typing "configure" and "make". The configure script is available in version 0.97 and later.

CIMPLE Ported to Hard Hat

February 19, 2006

CIMPLE has now been ported to Hard Hat Linux. This port allows CIMPLE to be run on PowerPC-based embedded systems that use the popular Hard Hat Linux distribution from MonteVista. The current port runs on an Apple MAC mini, running Yellow Dog Linux with a Hard Hat Linux chroot environment.

CIMPLE Ported to Windows

February 15, 2006

CIMPLE was recently ported to Microsoft Windows. The port allows CIMPLE providers to work with OpenPegasus and CMPI-compliant CIM servers on the Windows platform. The port to Windows is available in version 0.97 and later.


January 27, 2006

CIMPLE now supports CMPI. That is, CIMPLE providers may now be loaded by CMPI-compliant CIM servers. Support is provided through a light-weight adapter that effectively turns a CIMPLE provider into a CMPI provider. CIMPLE providers configured for CMPI export the standard CMPI entry points making them authentic, binary-compatible CMPI providers. The fact that the underlying provider is a CIMPLE provider is transparent to the CMPI broker.